Good News for Somalis

What if God were near? What if you, your hopes and dreams and everyday life, were tremendously important to Him? What if the things you have been taught about Christainity were not really the truth? Could it be that the God of the Christians is truly what God is like? If you have ever asked these things, you are not alone. The resources offered here are for people just like you, people who are searching for the God who promises: “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”

Nolosha Cusub

Ku soo dhowaada Nolosha Cusub!

Somali Believers Fellowship

Waxaanu nahay Soomaali Masiixiyiin ah oo ay ujeeddadooda koowaad tahay inay Soomaalida kale la qaybsadaan Injiilka Sayid Ciise Masiix (Warka Wanaagsan).

The Abraham Connection

Sharing the hope and love of God as expressed in the teachings of Jesus (Isa Al Masih).

Answering Islam

A Christian-Muslim Dialog. Desiring Muslims to come to faith through the truth of the Gospel. Desiring Christian to develop their convictions about their own faith and about Islam.

Somali Christian Ministries

Many Somalis, and other Muslims, have misconceptions about what the Bible teaches and what Christians believe. This ministry aims to correct these misunderstandings and to encourage Somali Christians.