Resources for the Church

Today, millions of Somalis are living in diaspora. If you reside near an urban center in the US, UK, or a dozen other cities around the world, chances are you have Somali neighbors. Our hope is that the resources offered here will help inform and encourage you and your local church to see Somalis as people dear to God’s heart, and to see the diaspora as an unprecedented opportunity to reach out to them with the love of Christ.

Study Guide for the Film

A Bible study guide designed as a companion to the short film, “I Against my Brother”. For churches, small groups, and individuals who desire to apply the message of the film to faith and action.

Pray for Somalia

“How do you love your neighbor?” Millions of Christians have joined together in prayer, across denominations, languages and cultures, to pray for the Muslim world. Will you join us?

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Crescent Project

Millions of Muslims in North America have never read a page of the New Testament, or even been invited to a Christian home. Let’s change that.


Take the Challenge. Live the next 30 days as if your life is not your own. Give 10 percent of your time to Jesus, learn his character and commit to pray for those who have no opportunity to hear the gospel.

Tea Time in Mogadishu

In 1991, Ahmed Ali Haile returned to the chaos of his native Somalia with a clear mission: to bring warring clans together to find new paths of peace–often over a cup of tea. A grenade thrown by a detractor cost Haile his leg and almost his life, but his stature as a peacemaker remained.¬†Whether in Somali’s capital, Mogadishu, or among Somalis in Kenya, Europe, and the United States, Haile has been a tireless ambassador for the peace of Christ. Into this moving memoir of conversion and calling, Haile weaves poignant reflections on the meaning of his journey in the world of Islam.